Foxconn has started assembling Apple iPhone 15 in India and China almost simultaneously

Last year, production of the then-new iPhone 14 family of smartphones began by Apple's contractors in India, with a delay relative to the Chinese sites of just a few weeks versus the usual six or nine months.

Aug 16, 2023 - 13:20
Foxconn has started assembling Apple iPhone 15 in India and China almost simultaneously
Source: Apple

In the case of the iPhone 15 starting assembly in India, things will move even faster as it has already been launched at Foxconn's facility with minimal lag from China. According to Bloomberg with reference to informed sources, the Indian enterprise Foxconn in the state of Tamil Nadu is preparing to begin deliveries of the latest iPhone 15 with a minimum delay relative to the Chinese assembly sites of the company. By March this year, Apple has brought the share of Indian-made smartphones in the structure of its supplies to 7%, and it will only grow in the future. This is important both in terms of diversifying the political risks associated with China and in terms of strengthening Apple's position in the Indian domestic market.

The volume of iPhone 15 production in India, as noted, will depend on Foxconn's ability to import the necessary number of components, as many of them are not yet produced in the country. In addition to Foxconn, the assembly of the iPhone 15 in India intends to start the company Pegatron and Wistron, and the latter is soon to sell its enterprise to the Indian conglomerate Tata Group. In the fiscal year that ended in March, Apple was able to triple its revenue from the sale of smartphones assembled in India to more than $7 billion. In April, Apple opened its first two branded stores in India. In the second quarter, iPhone sales in the local market grew by double-digit percent to a record high.

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