Samsung to launch cloud gaming service for Galaxy users

Samsung Electronics is set to launch a mobile cloud gaming service this month. The platform will be available exclusively for owners of Galaxy smartphones. Given that the games will be launched from the cloud, the performance of the device for the service does not conditionally matter.

Oct 3, 2023 - 16:17
Samsung to launch cloud gaming service for Galaxy users

A billion Galaxy smartphone users around the world will be able to enjoy AAA games in real time without having to buy a gaming console, PC or expensive flagship.

According to research, about 90% of people want to play certain games when they hear about them from advertisements. But far fewer people download games because many people don't want to bother with installing them. The ability to run games live on a remote cloud service via smartphones will definitely lead to a growing gaming audience.

At the moment, Samsung is in discussions with global game developers to ensure that users of its smartphones get access to as many titles as possible. At the same time, the company does not plan to charge for providing the platform: all those who want to pay for a subscription to cloud services like GeForce Now.

Game studios, in turn, will get two advantages at once: first, their customer base will expand by 1 billion Galaxy smartphone owners, and second, the South Korean company wants to offer them lower commissions for service on its platform compared to the Apple App Store and Google Play, where the commission is 30%. The idea of a cloud gaming service looks like a win-win for each side.

The platform is expected to be announced on October 5 at a conference in San Francisco. The service has already undergone closed testing in Canada, where it received positive feedback. In the near future, Samsung plans to launch open testing of the platform in the United States.

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