Kaspersky Password Manager now includes a function for generating one-time digital codes for two-factor authentication

"Kaspersky Lab has added new options to its password manager. Kaspersky Password Manager now has the functionality of an authenticator application that generates unique one-time codes every 30 seconds and stores them safely for even stronger account protection. The functionality is available in the paid version.

Aug 22, 2023 - 14:37
Kaspersky Password Manager now includes a function for generating one-time digital codes for two-factor authentication

Two-factor authentication. This is a method of identifying a user in a service by requesting data of two different types. For example, first you need to enter your login and password, and then, as a rule, a special code from SMS, push notifications or a code from special authenticator applications. The latter approach will help provide more effective account protection. In particular, to access Kaspersky Password Manager, where one-time codes are generated and stored, you need to enter a master password or use your fingerprint or Face ID.

How it works. A user needs to install the Kaspersky Password Manager application. If a third-party service (information resource, mail, etc.), whose account is to be protected, supports setting up two-factor authentication using a code generation application, select the corresponding item in its security settings. The service will generate a special QR code, which should be scanned by the authenticator application, after which it will start creating a new one-time digital code every 30 seconds. This unique identifier will be entered by the user in the corresponding field every time he logs in to the account.

The option with automatic code entry is already available to Android and iOS smartphone users. Owners of macOS devices can view and enter authentication codes manually. For Windows, the functionality will be available in the fall of 2023.

"According to our data*, 89% of respondents worry that attackers can steal passwords and personal information. More and more people are realizing that using simple passwords is insecure, and some are using built-in tools to create complex combinations. But it's worth considering that a password that is resistant to hacking is also important to store securely so that outsiders don't gain access to it. This is why special solutions - password managers - exist," says Marina Titova, Head of Product Marketing for Consumer Business at Kaspersky Lab.

Among other innovations, the Kaspersky Password Manager browser extension for PCs now supports Opera and Opera GX (version 92 and higher). It simplifies work with personal and confidential information: it automatically saves logins, passwords and other data, and fills in credentials when logging in or making online payments.

In addition to Opera and Opera GX, the Kaspersky Password Manager browser extension is now available for:

  • Mozilla Firefox 65 and newer versions / Mozilla Firefox for macOS;

  • Google Chrome 70 and newer / Google Chrome for macOS;

  • Yandex Browser;

  • Microsoft Edge 79 and newer versions based on the Chromium platform;

  • Safari for macOS.

* The User Information Security survey was commissioned by Kaspersky Lab and conducted in December 2022 in 12 countries.

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