OpenAI has launched an enterprise version of ChatGPT with enhanced privacy

OpenAI has introduced an enterprise version of ChatGPT that emphasizes the protection of sensitive corporate information. Many companies are considering implementing an AI platform in their operations, but privacy and data security concerns have been a deterrent so far.

Aug 29, 2023 - 17:37
OpenAI has launched an enterprise version of ChatGPT with enhanced privacy
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OpenAI noted that ChatGPT Enterprise offers enhanced security, privacy and unlimited high-speed access to the GPT-4 model, which provides powerful data analysis and allows ChatGPT to ask tough questions. Privacy and security concerns are a serious concern for businesses that fear their data will be used to train ChatGPT - sensitive customer information and firm secrets must remain untouched

OpenAI emphasized that ChatGPT Enterprise users will be able to control their data to the fullest extent, and they are guaranteed not to go to training GPT models. Tools for customizing ChatGPT's knowledge of the company, as well as advanced analytics tools, are coming soon. ChatGPT Enterprise plans for smaller companies will also appear. The Enterprise version of the chatbot is separate from the basic ChatGPT and the consumer premium subscription ChatGPT Plus. Companies already using the service will be able to retain access to it or switch to the enterprise version if they need access to new features.

Organizations are already developing their own tools using generative artificial intelligence - many opting to connect to GPT-4 via APIs and cloud platforms. Some have begun creating their own big language models in an effort to protect corporate data. Service providers have emerged that offer data protection when accessing large language models like GPT-4 - the release of ChatGPT Enterprise will be the next offering in this market. OpenAI recently introduced tools to customize GPT-3.5 to meet the needs of a particular business.

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