Meta introduced Code Llama, an AI tool for writing program code

Meta has released the Code Llama AI program code generator. The system is based on the large language model Llama 2. Publicly available data from the Internet was used to train the neural network. The tool can be used free of charge for commercial and research purposes.

Aug 25, 2023 - 20:12
Meta introduced Code Llama, an AI tool for writing program code

Code Llama generates code by description, and terminates and debugs it when a specific string is pointed to. In addition to the basic Code Llama model, the developers have released two specialized versions: Code Llama-Python (able to understand Python commands) and the second Code Llama-Instrct (for textual instructions). The models are not interchangeable - the basic Code Llama and Code Llama-Python are not recommended for natural language control.

Meta said that Code Llama performs better than publicly available large language models. In the HumanEval test, the system scored 53.7% and was able to accurately write code based on a textual description. Code Llama includes three versions - with 7, 13 and 34 billion parameters. The first can run on a single GPU, the others will require more powerful hardware.

The project code is published on GitHub, and the model can also be downloaded on the company's website.

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