Lenovo introduces new devices and software for the digital workplace

Lenovo introduces advanced technical devices specifically designed to meet the needs of today's users. The new monitor, software and accessories expand the available tools for remote workers and hybrid work environments through digital solutions.

Sep 3, 2023 - 17:41
Lenovo introduces new devices and software for the digital workplace

Lenovo research shows that managing remote workers and teams remains an important challenge for CIOs. That's why the new products introduced today combine processing power, immersive 3D graphics, advanced security and cloud storage capabilities.

  • For professional content creators working with 3D visualization, Lenovo has introduced a new 27-inch 2D/3D ThinkVision monitor with built-in user gaze tracking functionality.
  • The new Lenovo Wired VOIP and Lenovo Wired ANC Gen 2 headphones are a quality accessory that offers noise canceling, long battery life, and compatibility with popular conferencing platforms.
  • Lenovo Device Manager offers enhanced features to monitor power consumption and optimize power usage based on artificial intelligence.
  • The line of accessories was replenished with stylish backpacks: Lenovo ThinkPad Professional for 14-inch and 16-inch laptops.

"In today's dynamic work environment, the concept of one-size-fits-all tech solutions is no longer relevant. Research shows that more than half of CIOs are investing in digital transformation, and employers and employees are looking for the right technology tools that not only meet minimum requirements, but also provide the flexibility and convenience to enhance productivity and collaboration," said Johnson Gia, senior vice president, PC&Smart Device Business Group, Lenovo. - The new devices and software we are introducing today are integral elements of a unified ecosystem that brings together computing power, immersive visualization, and adaptive software to unlock even more ways to work efficiently.

ThinkVision 27 3D: 27-inch 2D/3D monitor without the need for glasses

Among content developers and professionals in 3D graphic design and 3D gaming, there is a growing need for new technologies to realize their ideas, including when interacting remotely with colleagues and customers. To address this need, Lenovo has developed the ThinkVision 27 3D monitor, a groundbreaking 27-inch screen that can deliver 2D/3D images without the need for glasses.

Utilizing real-time eye-tracking technology and a switchable special lens, it provides a more natural 3D experience.

The ThinkVision 27 3D monitor can dramatically increase productivity by reducing the need for additional computing power for 3D rendering, while providing 2D and 3D interaction. High-definition 4K resolution combined with dual 99% color gamut (DCI-P3, Adobe RGB standards) makes this monitor ideal for 3D content creators. It projects two independent images so that each eye of the user sees the object from a different angle. This achieves a sense of depth in a natural and effective stereoscopic visualization. The ThinkVision 27 3D monitor allows you to install an optional modular camera and features a wide range of connectivity interfaces, including USB-C with docking functionality.

Combined with 3D Explorer software, the new 3D monitor creates an ecosystem for creating and consuming 3D content. The solution offers a simple platform for users to access all their 3D applications and optimize their experience. The 3D Explorer platform is endowed with useful tools such as a 3D player for viewing videos and files with 3D effects, support for design software, and a 3D application development kit. New features will continue to be updated in the future.

Lenovo premium headphones

Employees working in a noisy openspace or outside the office often need a solution that allows them to abstract themselves from outside noise and focus on their work. Lenovo's new professional headphones are designed for such occasions and today's hybrid work environment. They are certified for Microsoft Teams, Zoom and optimized for a number of other popular video conferencing platforms. The Lenovo VOIP and Lenovo ANC Series 2 wired headphones share the same design and feature an integrated call control module. A USB-C connector (with USB-A adapter) provides greater compatibility, while interchangeable ear cushions enhance user comfort. Noise cancellation is also available on the latter.

Lenovo Device Manager: Enhance remote work efficiency with advanced power management features

Lenovo is expanding the capabilities of Lenovo Device Manager, a cloud-based solution that enables organizations to efficiently manage their device fleet. The latest scalable enhancements include more secure remote scanning and BIOS, driver and firmware updates for Windows-based devices, as well as the ability to centrally manage power consumption for an entire fleet of devices.

Lenovo Device Manager power management features are now conveniently consolidated on a single page. The first step is available to manage Windows PCs and SmartEdge devices. In addition, the PeakShift feature for Lenovo ThinkPad devices will be introduced, which automatically switches power to the battery during peak operating hours. Subsequent phases will introduce Lenovo Device Manager power management capabilities (customizing sleep and hibernation modes) and a dashboard widget to create a comprehensive artificial intelligence-based power management solution.

To further help companies improve energy performance, Lenovo Device Manager generates reports on planned usage patterns. Artificial intelligence manages each device and helps optimize power.

ThinkPad Professional Gen 2 Backpack and ThinkPad Professional Topload Gen 2 Bag

Backpack for safe storage of laptop and accessories made of 70% high quality lightweight recycled polyethylene terephthalate (PET) materials.  The spacious main compartment fits laptops with screen sizes up to 16 inches. The backpack has four additional compartments to hold all your essentials, and a cable port allows you to charge your wearable devices on the go. The ergonomic handle is suitable for traveling and makes it easy to carry.

The Topload bag for carrying a 16" or 14" laptop and essential accessories is made from premium eco-friendly materials, with the outer materials made from 89% recycled PET.  The bag offers multiple pockets to efficiently organize miscellaneous small items, an adjustable shoulder strap and a comfortable non-slip handle. The version that holds a 16-inch laptop has a large main compartment and an opening for the charging cable.

Software update on Lenovo ThinkPhone

Now, when connecting Motorola's Lenovo ThinkPhone to any Lenovo monitor with a USB-C cable, users will have access to the features of the Windows 365 cloud platform and the full suite of Microsoft applications.

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